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accessibility & sliding scale

When I decided to start Peach Tree, my goal was to make a type of statement jewellery that, to be blunt, wasn’t only showcased or sold to thin, waify instagram models.The goal with this project will always be to include as many bodies as possible, which to me, extends to the style of earrings.

If you are somebody who cannot have piercings, but want to experiment with earrings, let me know and we can work on some clip-on styles for you.If studs are difficult for you to put on, or simply don’t work with your ears, let me know and I will make your earrings with hooks instead.

Pricing is difficult and strange. It’s a hard thing to balance and I understand that capitalism demands certain things from us. I also know not everybody has $30 or more to spare. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are working within a limited budget and want to purchase something. I will absolutely make that work.

Additionally, I have endeavoured to make this site as legible and easy to follow as possible, including a font that is more easily read. With regard to instagram, I try to be mindful of captioning my videos and need to work harder to include image text descriptions moving forward. 

I mean it when I say that I am here to listen and ensure that I am making this space as safe and accessible as possible. Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to creating things that make you feel good.   

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