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the pieces

This project started with a name. I chose Peach Tree because my nickname for my partner is Peaches, so we would refer to our home as the Peach Tree—our home where I make all of these goodies. I added pieces because I knew I wanted this project to be a reflection of the people in my life, the pieces that make me who I am; earrings are made up of individual pieces the same way we are.

Sometimes the design comes first, other times the name does and I design specifically with that person in mind. Every now and then, a piece just is what it is, and I don’t force the name of a friend onto it. The styles that are named after people in my life range from my best friends and family to a co-worker or internet friend—different people impact us in different ways and I always want to acknowledge those people and how they have left a mark in my life.

This project is forever evolving which means I will often phase out a style and replace it with another, without changing the name; after all, people themselves have different phases and styles and there are some clutch people in my life who I can never stop being inspired by. 

Thank you for being here and being a part of these pieces. 

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