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Honey Monday

Owned & operated by BFFs Emily & Kylie, who met while helping to fulfill other people's dreams; Honey Monday is a space to pull from their combined 30 years of boutique experience & make their own dreams come true.

Online Boutique 
Victoria, BC 

Shop Take Care

A woman-owned consignment & local boutique in Winnipeg, MB. Featuring gender-inclusive thrifted pieces as well as in-house clothing line, and other curated goodies. Shop online & in-store. 

109 Osborne Street 
Winnipeg, MB 

Belle General 

A woman-owned snack and gift boutique in my hometown, Victoria BC. Stocked with the most unique and delicious snacks and treats plus adorable stationery, self care stuffs, accessories, and more. Shop in person if you're super lucky or online if you're also lucky. 

846 Fort Street

Victoria, BC 

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