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Hey, pal! Nice to meet you!

I’m Darby, the brains of this operation. 

Originally from Vancouver Island, I have been living and loving in Ottawa for a while now. Initially I moved here for my BA, and then after a year back on the West Coast, I returned for my Master’s Degree. Time passed (as it tends to) and now I am working on my PhD. I also happened to fall in love with the best person in the world and each piece is handmade by me in our beautiful home.

I put a lot of love and care into everything that I do, and I hope that you can feel that when wearing them. Before this project started, I worked as the manager of a jewellery shop so I have several years of jewellery knowledge from which to draw. 

I am passionate about friendship, snacks, learning, and unlearning. My background outside of this type of work is in gender-based violence education and feminist pedagogy. As I work on these pieces for all of you, I am also balancing my PhD work, research positions, writing/publishing, and all the other things. 

I hope you feel seen and valued here, and know that your voice matters. Unless you are: racist, homophobic, transphobic, or a bigot of any kind. Then I don't want to hear anything you have to say and you should probably just leave because I don't want your business. 

Deuces, buddy!

Darby (they/them)

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