HECK | Necklace

HECK | Necklace


Aw, heck!!! 


Wear your feels on your sleeve (or on your wrist as the case may be). Colourful and silly summer-camp style bracelets & necklaces are back in style and I have to say, I'm into it. 


- Length: I left this necklace "unfinished" i.e. without a clasp so that I can adjust the length to fit your body the comfiest! Let me know if you have a length preference, otherwise I will finish it off at approx 17". 

- Czech Glass Beeds + Arcylic Letter Beads

- Sterling Silver Clasp 



Beaded necklaces tend to fit a bit bigger than chains. For example, I prefer mostly 18" chain necklaces, but this fits me perfectly without being too snug. If you have questions about sizing, just reach out to me and I will make the perfect thing for you.